Top 5 Reasons Why You Have To Try My Soap!

OK guys, I am a DIY enthusiast. The problem is- I’m not crafty. I don’t see Pintrest ideas and think “I could do that.” Because I can’t. I’m not being a downer- I just know my skill level. And if requires cutting wood, painting, or pressing and sealing ANYTHING, I’m out. But here’s what I can do. I can cook and I can create just by “eyeballing” something. And I can make one mean soap. That’s right. I am a Soap Queen. As soon as someone told me that there was a hot process and a cold process soap, I said, “Oh, I can do that.” And so I did. I don’t want to brag but some people call me the Soap Master. (Okay, not really. But they could if they really wanted to 😉 )

So have you tried my SOAP???? Today I am going to give you the top five reasons why you have got to try my soap! soap


1. You can custom-tailor your ingredients to your needs. It is so fun to mix your own ingredients and choose what YOU want to go into that bar that will soon be slathered all over your bod! Dry skin? Lavender and Shear Butter!  Oily skin? Lemon! Itchy skin? Oatmeal and Frankincense!

2. You can AVOID harmful ingredients! Did you know that your skin is your biggest organ? And that you LITERALLY consume everything you put on it? Think of a medicine patch or nicotine patch placed on the arm. How is it absorbed? That’s right- through the skin. I’m sure you’ve heard the debates about Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Petrolatum, and Fragrance (a very vague word indeed). What if we could avoid all this mess by simply making our own instead?? We would no longer have to wonder if it is linked to cancer, respiratory health issues, reproductive health issues, excessive aging of the skin, etc. – we could just NOT USE IT!

3. Satisfaction. There is something so satisfying about knowing you did something amazing. You made soap for yourself/your family and you know it is the best of the best. AND YOU DID IT. Satisfaction.

4. They sky is the limit! You can have soap parties with your friends, you can choose anything you want to put in your soap, you can go organic and you can tint your soap with natural ingredients instead of… Red #40? Yellow #6? Did I mention you can add coffee as an exfoliator? Mix that with some real peppermint and what have you got? An amazing peppermint mocha. Excuse me while I go take a shower 😉 OH and did I mention how SOFT AND SILKY you will feel afterward… real ingredients are the best!!!

5. Wellness! Ask anyone who is not well what they would do/give to have their health back and what do you think they’d say? I think they would give most anything.

Ok. So am I saying that soap can help you stay well? I am saying that we have already seen studies that show links to ingredients in our toiletries making people sick- FDA banning an antiseptic in soaps, Johnson & Johnson getting sued for 20 Million for their baby powder… and losing. Yes, I am saying that there is substantial evidence that our products and the ingredients in them can lead to 20 Million dollars worth of health problems. So…. let’s make soap.


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