So I Have Some News…

Apparently I was a hit (or a hoot!) on TV because… The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva was offered a 6-Month Contract with WSLS10!!! WHAAAAT?!? Crazy huh!!! The next show airs on July 7, 2017 at 11am EST (on WSLS10 of course!)

You know, I always thought if I were going to be on TV (because come on, who doesn’t think about that?!), it would be on my own Reality TV Show (dream big, people! hahah) and here I am, doing a true form of a Reality Show- DIY on Live TV. Did you all know that it is LIVE? That means if I make a bad joke (or a Freudian Slip- where are my psych people at?!), there’s NO getting it back! LOL! Thanks for loving me, thanks for watching and thanks for all your sweet encouragement! YOU ARE THE REASON I do what I do!! ❤ Bobbie-jo cropped-facebook_cover1.png

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