Annnnnd…. ACTION!

Ok guys! The votes are in and a winner has been chosen at random- tune into WSLS10 tomorrow (July 7th) at 11am EST to watch Live and find out if YOU won!!! You will also discover what we’re making- and let me tell you, it’s something you are going to NEED ASAP!!! Send me your comments or questions- but I only want the nice ones. 😉 Here are our upcoming classes:

Homemade Soap Making Class:                                                                                                    July 22nd at 2pm-4pm at 8115 Williamson Road Roanoke VA

DIY Deodorant & Bath Bombs:                                                                                                      July 22nd at 2pm-4pm at 8115 Williamson Road Roanoke VA



4 thoughts on “Annnnnd…. ACTION!

    1. Hi Jackie! Thanks for reaching out! I would love to have you attend a class with us but definitely understand that distance can make it tough! 🙂 I am loving your suggestion to share the class on FB Live… keep an eye out – I juuuuuuuuuuuust might 🙂


  1. HI this is Jessica Monetti I recently discovered you on facebook. Your products interest me greatly and I look forward to tuning in tomorrow morning. As far as the contest and suggesting things, I think the sun screen and bug repellant are the top two picks for myself, any possible way to mix them to make a two in 1 combo product? How cool would it be. Wanted to get my submission in before midnight. Best of luck … Jessica


  2. Hi Jessica!!
    I hope you follow my “Bobbie-jo” FB page because we needed to announce the winner on FB Live today and guess what? It’s YOU!!!!! Send me a message on my page and we will get you set up with your DIY gift bag!


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