Skin Tags… The 2 Cent Solution!

A friend contacted me yesterday and said, “Bobbie-jo, what do you have for skin tags?” My memory came flooding back- before I was the DIY Diva, I was (and still am by licenses and degrees) a psychotherapist. Well, there used to be a skin tag right where my necklaces would fall and remember how much it would IRRITATE me during sessions. So I realized IT HAD TO GO. But I didn’t want nasty chemicals infiltrating my body for those gross “skin tag removers” they sell at the store! So I did some research, bought a bottle of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (I recommend Bragg’s because it has ‘the mother’) and began taking dabbing the spot with a cotton ball dipped in ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) a few times per day (I literally kept my little soaked cotton ball in a container that I could easily grab). Do you know what? That thing turned red, then it turned black and then it was GONE!!! It NEVER grew back and there is NO mark where it once was.  (See pic below- NO SKIN TAG! WOOO!!!). Natural Alternatives For The Win!

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