She’s Naturally Beautiful: 3 Ingredients to Make 4 Products!

Hey guys! So the other night I did a Facebook Live to show you all how you can basically enhance your natural beauty with all-natural products- that are probably already in your kitchen!!! I literally pulled out 3 ingredients and some makeup brushes and made some fun beauty enhancers!

So here it is: 3 ingredients to make 4 products!

  1. Organic Cocoa Powder (be warned- you WILL want a cup of cocoa while making this!!)
  2. Non-GMO Arrowroot Powder
  3. Organic Beet Root

Product 1: Brown/Tan Eye Shadow!!!

Mix together your cocoa powder and arrowroot until you find “your brown”. Get a makeup brush for your eyelids and apply (avoid eyes).

Variation: Red or Pink Eye Shadow:

Mix together your beet root powder and arrowroot until you find “your pink”. Get a makeup brush for your eyelids and apply (avoid eyes).

*Want different colors? Leave me a comment and I will see what nature’s options are!

Product 2: Blush!!!

See that beet root powder? It can also be added to the cheeks for blush- hellooooo good looking!!!

Product 3: Powder Foundation!!!

You see that cocoa powder? Yup, pick it back up. Find your color by mixing again with the arrowroot. Get your foundation brush and go to town (avoiding the eyes)!

Product 4: Dry Shampoo!!!

Ok guys, I kid you not- you see that foundation you just made? Do the same thing but mix it up to best match your hair color (blondes may not need any cocoa powder and redheads may want some beet root!). Take that combination and gently massage it onto your scalp for a little “freshening up” – great for the busy mama’s!!! ❤

And there you have it!! Some ideas on how to quickly and easily enhance your beauty. Next Facebook DIY, I will be showing you all how to get some va-va-voom VOLUME back in your hair – NATURALLY.  😉

Like what you see? Share this blog with your friends and help me spread the nontoxic LOVE! ❤ me1


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