Va-Va-Voom Volume!

Hey guys! The other day I shared with you all on FB Live about a volumizing hair mask and then posted a before picture of my hair with the mask on and an after picture of my hair practically floating in the clouds from all the added volume -know what’s crazy? It stayed extra-bouncy ALL day! And I was travelling, so that’s kind of amazing!

Applying the mask is kinda weird- it’s a consistency thing… And the smell is not fantastic- but it sure beats the smell of chemical products and it definitely beats out the times when I used a Mayonnaise treatment in my hair (think white, goopy, streaked and stinky hair in a shower cap-  aaaaand now you’ll never schmear that on your sandwich again! 😂) Yeah, this mask has nothing on the eggy thick mask- but I will say that my husband came into the bathroom later (I may have left the extras sitting on the sink 😉) and asked me what the awful smell was 😂

Also, don’t keep it in overnight. I know what you’re thinking – who would do that?! …. Me. So the recipe I had was an idea I adapted years ago – and it said leave on for 15 minutes (do that). But me being me said to myself, well if 15 is good, all night is better! So I left it on. Turns out it hardens. And flakes. And you end up looking like a flakey hard head-that stinks. You could call it your “honey not tonight” hair do I suppose …. 😄

I couldn’t wait to get that extra crispinesss out of my hair (after all, that is only appealing on a Southern Fried Chicken!) so washing it out was a satisfying experience!

And at the end of the day, my hair looked great. 💃It is also good to remember that more is sometimes just MORE, so stick to a normal leave-in time 🙂

Have I completely scared you or do you want the recipe?

….. For the brave! And flat-haired!

Mix 2 parts bentonite clay to equal parts water and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Apply to hair. Rinse out in FIFTEEN MINUTES. I recommend relaxing in the tub during that time…. Because you really should take time to relax- and never forget- you’re already beautiful 💙


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