Allow Me to Pull Back the Curtain…

Being a parent can be hard… but it is also a lot of fun!!! Man guys, I have so many stories for you all from my past 24 hours – my boys crack me up! Here is the latest that just happened:

I was getting ready for my DIY class tomorrow (info below!) and the kids were playing a game together (they are 5 and 4). Well the youngest one comes over to me and tells me that the oldest hit him. He claims he is innocent in all dealings- his brother just committed this treachery out of  nowhere!! I give him a kiss on his arm where he is pointing at and tell him to let his brother know that mommy wants to talk to him.

His big brother comes into the room a few minutes later, looking at me expectantly and I say, “Why did you hit your brother?”

His face goes slack and his jaw drops- he says, “Taytor told me you wanted to give me money and a trophy!!!”

Guys. I know I shouldn’t laugh at his brother’s trickery but in that moment- I crack …. crack up, I mean…. then, game face. Take care of business 🙂

*Sigh* 🙂

Now they are both back to their game, knowing they are NOT to lie OR hit each other and though there was no money or trophies involved, all is well.

I wanted to share that story with you all so you all could get a glimpse of what all goes into “behind the scenes” of party prep! 🙂

Have a great day, see you all tomorrow and remember- don’t hit, don’t lie and always try to look on the bright side of life. And when life offers an opportunity to laugh, take it 🙂  ❤

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