“The Damage Is Done So I guess I Be Leaving…”

Here’s a little peek into what my life is like…  I am going around my office this evening, getting things ready for tomorrow’s DIY segment and our DIY class this Saturday and my kids are playing around me… measuring things around the office with daddy’s tape measure. Well, they know they’re not supposed to play with the tape measures but I didn’t say anything as I have a lot to do and they are getting along (hallelujah!). I am printing out some DIY recipes when I hear “SNAP” and I know- and you know- and all people who have been around kids know- what just happened. Yup. They broke the tape measure.
I am at the printer and I decide not to acknowledge what happened. I mean, it’s really not a big deal, it wasn’t on purpose and I’M the one who let them play with it… So as I am sitting at my desk, I hear my oldest child (5) whisper loudly to the youngest one (4), “Come on, let’s go!” – And I guess my parenting style must be singing, because all I can think of is the Justin Timberlake song- “OH! The damage is done so I guess I be leaving…” as they skitter out of the room….  Life. With. Kids. 🙂

I don’t think we have ever had a lamp make it out of our house without having a completely crooked shade (or no shade left at all!) since the day my boys arrived. They seem to think all of life is their gymnasium – and though we keep it pretty civilized at our home- we also know- they’re kids!! So we keep it pretty chill, with our crooked lamp shades and couch that is a portal for jumping onto a pile of blankets and pillows. 🙂

We are re-doing their bedroom and we have caught on – with 2 boys about the same age- their carpet is going to be grey 🙂 Great camouflage for all the messes, experiments and fun that is going to take place over the next 20 years…. 🙂

Hope you all can join me tomorrow for the show! I am going to be doing a delicious Fall recipe that I personally LOVE and think you will too 😉


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