The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva: Take 5

Yup that’s right. Tomorrow marks the 5th time that I’ve been on tv. So I’m giving away $50 for my favorite natural products for you to enjoy AND a pumpkin spice goody bag- made by me- and also values at $50. So ok. I’m giving away $100 dollars. ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you enter to win? It is super easy- “Like” my Bobbie-jo page, comment on the post that has you guess which pumpkin spice flavored item we’re making tomorrow and then watch the Live show on WSLS10 tomorrow for the drawing!!

Speaking of drawings, let’s talk about them for a minute- who has ever won one before? Tell me cause I want to know- because YOU my friends- the winners of raffles- are the mystical unicorns of the world! Do you know I have NEVER won a drawing? Not on FB, not a raffle, NOTHING. Oh wait I take that back- once when I was younger- maybe in my late teens or early 20’s- I was walking through Kmart (just to age myself a little- Kmart!!) And a guy at a booth told me I won a gold bracelet but it seemed a little scammish to me, since I don’t remember putting my name in a drawing ๐Ÿ˜ณย  Lol. Do me a favor and avoid those kinds of winnings – if a guy at Kmart tries to give you a “gold” bracelet- just say no thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh this is bringing back the memories- I did find the “golden egg” at an Easter egg hunt. I think I was 6. And I was with my mom at a hunt in Jamesway. Ok, talk about dating yourself – JAMESWAY. Anyone elseย  remember that store?!

Anyway, I won a pink Energizer Bunny (yup those Energizer battery commercials: “Energizer- we’ll keep you going.”) And I’m pretty sure I got my picture in the paper with the Easter bunny. ๐Ÿ‡ But I was only 6 or so, my memory could be a little blurry on that one ๐Ÿ™‚

What have you won? I want to hear this! Funniest story gets a free $25 ticket to our next DIY class ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, I may or may not wear a gold bracelet on the show tomorrow. If I do, share the tv clip and write “Golden”. Someone will win something Golden (or at least gold colored but it will be beautiful and at least $50 dollar value to go with my “5” theme ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Ok I am super excited about this – I have the perfect gift!! ๐ŸŽ

Talk to you all soon! Send me love through the screen tomorrow! WSLS10 at 11am ๐Ÿ™‚







One thought on “The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva: Take 5

  1. Hi Bobbie-Jo, I have been pretty fortunate with winning from time to time! My memorable, funny story regarding winning a FREE prize is this: My daughter, Allison and I were in Walmart in Salem when there was an announcement that went something like “Attention Walmart shoppers, come to the produce area now where we will be giving away a free kitchen tool. All those who show up will get a free kitchen item! Allison and I were on the other side of the store, but with the announcement, we stopped and listened! Then, we headed toward produce, as fast as we could. Other shoppers were still shopping or standing and talking. We couldn’t believe they weren’t heading to produce to get their free gift! We were one of the first to be in the area of the giveaway, but had to wait a while, while they were trying to get more people to come over there! I just wanted my free kitchen tool! Anyway, they started with a demonstration of some knives! Our free gift was a little plastic spiralizer that you can put in a potato or other vegetable. I was happy to get it though. After standing through the demonstration, you also got a free paring knife! I, of course bought some of the knives too! It was just so funny, thinking about how quickly Allison and I were racing to be one of the first to get to the produce section!


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