Halloween πŸŽƒ DIY

Hey guys! Ready for some DIY?! This is one of the recipes we made at last Saturday’s Halloween DIY Class and it is a favorite of mine! I am going to divulge it to you now….

Black Spider Hand & Body Wash!

Get your Ingredients!

You will need:

*(1) 8oz foaming soap pump bottle

*1/4 Cup Castile Soap (find as organic as possible and get the ones without any scent additives – who knows what it really is! 😳)

*Natural Food Coloring- I used orange but some people at my class chose red and purples etc and they all looked fun! (Finding natural food coloring that is truly plant-derived is a tough one because I have found that 99% of them out there that say “Natural” have junk in them! 😱 Real, natural colorants are going to be pricey but are a fun DIY splurge!)

*10 drops of Essential Oils- I used a blend of Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon, Euclyptus and Rosemary and it smelled *ahhh-mazing*. This will also be good for cleansing and supporting your mood and immune system- love me some aromatherapy! 😍 (most essential oils aren’t real either so unfortunately you can’t go by the labels here either)

*Little (or big!) Fake Spiders- so fun for kids and adults alike! I put 3 in mine but you do you! πŸ˜‰

*optional: a pump of organic unfractionated coconut oil for some extra hand softening goodness

*Distilled Water

Add all ingredients except the water (do that last) to your foaming bottle. Add your water, remembering to leave room at the top for the foaming pump and some good shaking action! Screw on lid and shake it up baby *twist and shout* (if you want!) !!

Send me pictures of what yours looks like!! I want to see!! Also, remember that natural colors are rather unpredictable and you won’t necessarily match the color on the package the way artificial ones do. And keep in mind that if you try to use a powdered colorant you *could* clog your pump! Ok! Avoid your eyes and other internal areas and happy soaping!!!



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