The Twilight Zone

Anyone just hit an instant “twilight zone” after Christmas? 98% of my time I work from home- quite productively. Today however, I sat in the twilight zone. And I mean sat. Literally sat. Most all day. The kids played with their Christmas toys, Grammy rested and there I was, in my jammies, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, shifting through candies in my stocking, scrolling through my phone, reading, dozing…. Looking at the Christmas presents scattered on the floor and knowing somewhere deep down, I gotta get to that. But not today. No. Today is for chocolate truffles and fuzzy blankets. That’s what happens in the twilight zone. The next thing you know, the day is at a close and as you prepare for bed and you wonder if you will find your way out of the twilight zone tomorrow? Or if you even want to? 🙂 20171225_140006


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