Hello and Happy New Year!

We all know New Year’s is the time when (most of us) set goals. We also know that around Jan. 10th (most of us) say “forget that” and pick up that donut, cigarette, or whatever it is that we have an unhealthy relationship with….
Well… What if we could help each other so that didn’t happen?
On Jan. 6th in Roanoke (St. Phillip’s Lutheran- 8115 Williamson Road) at 10am, that is exactly what we will be doing – creating wellness plans with a local wellness advocate on how to feel our best this year. If you need to break a habit, pick up a good one, or if you would like to have more get up and go, better slumber, and a happier day, maybe this is for you?
You can find the event page for more info on my Facebook page: Bobbie-jo, The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva.
Looking forward to seeing you reach your highest potential and move closer to the person you want to be! :)Sincerely,

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