I get by with a little help from my friends

So as I am going about a typical day in the life of Bobbie-jo: kids, work, clean, repeat ☺, I come across a post made by someone who has attended a few of my DIY classes. Her post was about her cousins: Tragedy struck and a parent’s worst fears in this life became this couple’s waking reality. How my heart goes out to them!!! 💔 Sounds like there was a fire and their 2 young children did not survive. 😢 There is no appropriate “emoji” or words  for something of this magnitude; all we can do is be there…

Be a community that cares.

So that is why for anyone who comes to the class tomorrow at 10am at St. Phillip’s Lutheran (8115 Williamson Road Roanoke VA) and brings items off this list for the family will receive a half price ticket for our next class!!!!

If you cannot make it tomorrow, you can still give what you have- there is an email address below where you can get in touch and lend support.

So that being said, here is the information:

If you would like to donate to the parents of the babies that lost their lives in the fire this past weekend, below is what’s needed. They lost everything including their two young children. At this point I’m not sure what my cousin is in need of. Thank you for your generosity and support.

If you would like to donate non-perishable food items, toiletries or gently used clothing please contact sweetlysaved@msn.com

Sizes below:
Misses shirt-L, Misses Jeans-5 to a 9, Womens shoes-7, Womens sweatsuit -L Womens socks 9-11
Men’s shirt-L, Men’s jeans -32×32 , Men’s shoes-11 Men’s sweatsuit -L Men’s socks -9-11


Thank you for stopping your busy lives to invest in the people around you- people you may not know, may not ever know, but your support is going to touch lives. And kindness always leaves a ripple effect bigger than anything we gave or did.

💜 Bobbie-jo

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