Because Everyone’s Life Should Have A Little Indulgence …

I had once heard Cleopatra referred to as the world’s first celebrity. How true is that???Thousands of years later, we are STILL speculating: What did she look like? What did she wear? And where did she get that alluring fragrance? Sounds like we’re hearing a commentary after the Golden Globes, doesn’t it?

Have you ever seen a real likeness of Cleopatra? It is interesting to me that all the actual art they have of Cleopatra… well, she was not what most people would define as beautiful. So either the Queen of the Nile had really horrible sculptors …. or perhaps her true allure came elsewhere?

Let’s imagine for a minute that Cleopatra was not the beauty portrayed by the media. Would you like to do a little experiment with me? Keep the answer to yourself, but think of the most physically unattractive person you know. Now ask yourself what would it take to make that person attractive (in a time before plastic surgery and Botox 😉 ). I’m talking attributes and other external options – perhaps some of the finest clothing? Luxurious silks and flowing gowns? Perhaps some great makeup artistry?

Sure, maybe those would help, but that still isn’t going to work for Cleopatra if she looks even partially like those sculptures of her. But what if she had the luxury, the gowns, the make-up, jewelry and put serious effort into her personal hygiene? Having the finest of everything shipped to her. 700 donkeys for milk to soften her skin? No problem, bring ’em over. And honey, well that sweetness is a given, right? If it tastes sweet, smells sweet, surely it would make her sweet, yes? Oil of almonds to make her skin glisten in the sun? Genius. But then you could never forget her ability to implement aphrodisiacs like the oils of precious and rare plants; Sandalwood, Roses, Patchouli, Oranges, Jasmine…. they say you could smell Cleopatra coming before you could see her – and it was the ultimate compliment 😉 Cleopatra learned how to use the resources she had to create irresistibility.

Of course, being a woman who is quite independent and (I like to think 🙂 ) successful, I would never stop with looks, finery and aphrodisiacs as the secret to Cleopatra’s legacy. Oh no. This lady was wise beyond her time, using all of her intelligence, wit, imagination and cunning abilities to go after what she wanted in life. Can you imagine secretly traveling rolled up in a carpet and then having yourself unrolled before the (unknowing) Caesar of Rome…

Uh guys? That took guts. And Courage. Bravey. Confidence. Gull. Passion. Desire. Goals. Creativity. Spunk. Intelligence. And at that point you’re thinking, who cares what she looked like, this lady had it going on!

YES! You pegged it! Intelligent and sharp, she used her mental aptness, her financial means and her luxurious finery as a tool to go after what she wanted. In fact, when it looked like she was going to lose the war she had been fighting, it is said that she set her self up in a room and had a Cobra bite her. It was said that she would rather die than be captured. To admit defeat.

Putting everything else aside, this woman was driven! The energy and excitement that comes from a person who knows what they want and are going to do whatever it takes to make their dream happen – who doesn’t want to be around that person?? They are magnetic! Especially when they smell like a floating piece of paradise drifting down the Nile. 😉

Out of her way! This woman had places to go! No wonder she is a legacy. The world’s first celebrity. There is a lot to be learned from a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.

What would your life look like if you allowed yourself to dream, to open yourself up to passion and vigor? And then to allow yourself to go after it?

Cleopatra was the epitome of get up, dress up, show up.

She showed up; she shook things up- and she is still a fascinating woman to think about, even in 2018. Go girl!

Today we would call her a trendsetter. A fashionista. Or dare I say, a Diva? 🙂 And since she made her own beauty products, perhaps a DIY Diva? 😉 Ok, too far? lol

Here is a creation of what I think one of Cleopatra’s beauty routines would look like:

The Cleopatra Milk Bath. 🙂 Try it and let me know what you think 😉 Make sure you are getting real products like Cleopatra would have used- milk from [donkeys if you have them!] cows, honey from a local bee keeper, fresh Roses and Sandalwood that is grown and distilled on a farm without chemicals. Remember, they didn’t have the junk in their products that we have to sift through now. Back then, natural actually meant natural. That isn’t the case anymore! If I can help you navigate the world of truly natural and good for you, send me a quick email saying, “Hey Diva, help me out!” : )

ENJOY! ❤ Bobbie-jo

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