There’s Something About A Snow Day…


So here we are, hanging in the balance of the middle of the week, and for some of us- we are snowed in. There’s nothing like a snow day, is there? Something about it reaches into my childhood and says “Girl, you don’t gotta do nothin’ today” …. the whole day feels like a vacation from regular life. Anyone with me on this?

I spent today outside with my boys- they  love to sled! I gave pushes down the hill, replaced hats, gloves, scarves, etc. – you know, mom stuff 🙂 And of course the boys know that playing in the snow means they get to come inside to a decadent treat of cocoa with marshmallows! One of my boys wanted his cocoa over ice with a hint of whipped cream and the other wanted it straight up with extra marshmallows – and my husband, well he was just thrilled that I was making him cocoa (he was working from home today! 🙂 )Barista Mommy was on the job! And since I am talking beverages, I will share what I made myself: Organic Medium Roast Coffee with 1 pure cacao disk, 1 drop of Vitality Peppermint oil, and some organic cream- yummy, filled with anti-oxidants and … it’s coffeeeeeeee 🙂

Then my husband and I got to do something that we did so often before life, work, children, house upkeep etc. came creeping in: we talked. We sat side by side and shared our lives with each other while the kids were (shockingly!) getting along great, playing games next to us.

Then this mommy participated in her favorite “me-time” activity. Anyone know what it is? The bath tub! Oh there is something about that nice warm water soothing those sore muscles and using a different natural DIY compilation every day. I love the scents and the knowledge that everything I am infusing into my body via my skin (your biggest organ!) is nourishing and promoting wellness.

So yeah, there’s self-care in the most literal sense- caring for yourself body and mind. But also as a mom, it is probably the quietest moment you may have in a day. And yes, the kids may pop in anywhere from one to one hundred times, and the cat might sneak in and walk the ledge of the tub, sticking her fluffy tail in your face, and your hubby might come in to use the bathroom, and then your kids will probably have to come in to use the bathroom. And you may be a little boggled because in a house that has 4 bathrooms- why do they need the one you’re in? But the good news is, the scent they leave you is like an alarm, reminding you that it is time to get out of the tub and onto the next thing… but for those few, brief mom moments in between, close your eyes, take deep breaths and think of all the good in your life and you know what? Just count your blessings. Including the dog, the cat, the family who “needs” the toilet in your bathroom…. all of it.

Happy Snow Day!

❤ Bobbie-jo

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