Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Yeah, they call her the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva, the Queen of the Natural World, the Master of Organic, the Godsend of Goodness (oh, going too far? 😂😎) but can she put her money where her mouth is… Live?

Absol-stinken-utley! If you have not been able to see me perform up front and center, then tonight is your night to preview the Guru (too far again? ☺) in action!! I am going Live tonight to show you my Top 10 DIY’s!

To get access to my only FREE class, go to my FB page (Bobbie-jo Hurt, The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva) and request to join the Top 10 DIY’s group on my page!

The Live is 7pm EST so if you want to be able to find out my most valuable DIY’s- join me! 🙂

💜 Bobbie-jo (the wife, the mom and the avoided of all things laundry!)


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