Pumpkins, Spice & Daytime Blue Ridge!

Hey guys! You know what? It has been SO COOL working with Daytime Blue Ridge! I have done 5 shows and every time I go through those doors, everyone is just so nice and fun- my kind of people!!

Did you see the show last Friday? I showed my absolute FAVORITE body butter recipe! It is like a ‘just layer it on and let it melt’ kind of amazingness… TRY IT! 🙂

Here are 5 Reasons Why Making Your Own Body Butter is the BEST:

    1. 1. You know what’s in it! Did you know there are over 1,300 chemicals that don’t have to be listed on the label… like… serious chemicals. Crazy right?! With making your own, you can choose the best of the best for organic and raw products that will be as close to nature!
    1. 2.Petrolatum – heard of it? It is in most every product on the market. Know why? Because it’s CHEAP. Know what it does for your skin when you’re trying to moisturize? Nothing. LOL. That’s my opinion anyway… look it up and see what you think!
    1. 3. Fragrance- Hellloooooo aging skin! And headaches!! Man, I seriously wish they would ban this stuff so I wouldn’t feel so sick every time I was around people who have it on 😦 And even if you don’t feel ill from some of the stuff in conventional products, that doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you- it just means you’ve adapted to it so you don’t notice the effects taking place … until… well… think of the frog in the pot analogy…
    1. 4. All the amazing nutrients and body benefits from the coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and essential oils are getting absorbed into your skin… and your skin LOVES IT! 🙂 Sooooo nourishing! I haven’t had to deal with those dry, itchy winter feet since making my own body butter…. thank you natural goodness!!!
    1. 5. It’s fun!!! What is cooler than having a fluffy, whipped, decadent body butter for you and your family that you know is good for your skin and body and smells like Fall Cinnamon Pumpkin Amazingness…. not much my friend, except for maybe watching my clip on how to make it for yourself, which you should totally do 🙂 And then come to my class this Saturday to make your own Fall goodness with me 🙂
    1. https://www.wsls.com/daytime-blue-ridge/diy/diy-friday-pumpkin-spice-body-butter

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